La société

Foundry Mathieu

Fonderie Mathieu is establish from 1906 in Burgundy area, from 150 Kms north to Lyon and 60 Kms south of Dijon. It moved in 1984from Chalon sur Saone downtown to a new modern plant located in the industrial suburban. Its main market was the woodworking machine for Jura customers.

In this new plant, Fonderie Mathieu decided to no more invest on complete moulding plant, knowing is main asset; the great know-how of his staff in the hand moulding of high cored castings.

However, Fonderie Mathieu did increase is manufacturing means. Cupola furnace and green sand moulding were outdated for invested in modern technical means as electric furnaces and semi-automatic moulding in chemical sand process.

During 2013, Fonderie Mathieu becoming the property of the owner of La FonderieCharollaise.

Each unit is specialized following the metal melt. Cast iron or cast steel.

Fonderie Mathieu is certified ISO 9001 V200 and DNV.

A service that is made to last

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