Fonderie Mathieu is a sand casting foundry process, specialized in the custom manufacturing of prototypes, by single units and small and medium production series.

Fonderie Mathieu casting weight range is from 0.100 to 2000 Kg.

Fonderie Mathieu has a great know-how in the technical castingsmanufacturing, hydraulic castings and high cored castings.

Fonderie Mathieu elaborates alloys with more than 80 shades of cast iron, as :

  • Lamelar iron: Easy to machine, good absorbing vibration, thermic shocks & oxidization resistant. Great tightness for hydraulic appliances
  • Nodular iron : Very good mechanical performance, shocks and rubbing resistant. Good resilience.
  • Vermicular iron : Very good thermic conductivity and thermic shocks resistant with very limited buckling. Very steady
  • Austempered ductile iron(ADI) : Very high mechanical performances and shocks resistances. High rubbingresistances.
  • Ni-Hard iron : Very resistant to abrasion & erosion. High hardness & rigidity even at high temperature
  • Ni-Resist iron : Very resistant to corrosion in low & high temperatures. Non-magnetic
  • Ferritic white cast iron : High hardness and very good resistance to oxidization.
  • Ferritic silicium alloyed cast iron : Great maintain against distortions and good resistant to oxidization at high temperatures.
  • Steels: more than 120 shades of steel are melted by La FonderieCharollaise.

Fonderie Mathieu has an internal pattern shop with digitizing means, machining capabilities from M2R, and a painting cabin for different finishing.

A project can be conduct entirely from the beginning to the end. Only one contact and one delivery date!

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